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Chania Crete

Botanical Park

Chania Crete
Chania Crete
Chania Crete

Samaria Gorge

Chania Crete

Chania Crete

Our home town... the town we love

Always the first things to hear about Chania are the Venetian harbor with its narrow shopping streets and the many famous beaches.

Chania is also one of the two places most likely to see when you arrive in Crete. A large part of Chania you will want to see is concentrated near the old harbor - old buildings, museums, churches and crafts (some with really interesting local products).

Food can be a great temptation for every visitor. A wide variety of traditional and trendy restaurants for every taste and budget, starting from the city center and reaching the small mountain villages.

The atmosphere of the old city has a touch of Florence or Venice combined with the culture and unique character of the Cretan people and the traditions that follow it.

The old harbor of Chania is wonderful every hour of the day as the light produces a different stage effect. A walk there is the best chance to see some of the old buildings - Venetian and Turkish, conquerors of the past centuries - unfortunately, many of which have been destroyed during the war.

 In Chania, the visitor has many options for exploration and discovery. The mountain villages offer in addition to the view and an excellent window in the "inland Crete".

For the most adventurous, mountain paths, gorges and caves await exploration.


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